Other Frequently Asked Questions

Who receives a temporary 7-Day pass?

New students (including transfer) whose first U-Pass from UIC is not ready to be picked up may be eligible for a 7-Day pass. You must visit the ID Center to receive the pass. Students whose passes are not activated due to late registration, lost or stolen passes, and negative balances are not eligible for temporary 7-Day passes.

Why is the line so long?

While we will continue to find new and better ways to serve students during the U-Pass distribution process, lines at peak times can be quite long. We understand this is frustrating. There are a few factors. The process prescribed to us by the CTA is complex, there are thousands of cards to distribute, and a number of students visit SSB at the same times. If not necessary, we encourage you to avoid lunchtimes and the first days of distribution.

How do I replace my lost, damaged, or stolen U-Pass?

Visit the ID Center with your i-card or other form of ID (Driver's License, State ID, or Passport). There is a $50 fee payable by cash, credit, or debit card. Your card may take up to 10 business days to arrive on campus for pickup. You will receive an email when your card is available to be picked up.

Can I waive the U-Pass fee? I don't use it.

The CTA Transportation Fee is a required student fee for all full-time students, including students who may be employees. Contractually, waivers are only allowed for students who will not be in the Chicagoland area for the entirety of a semester. This waiver is generally only applicable to students who study abroad. There are no waivers for students who do not wish to partake in the U-PASS program.

I get an unlimited pass from the CTA as a Veteran. Can I waive the U-PASS fee?

Please visit the ID Center in Student Center East Building (SCE). Bring your i-card and CTA Ventra card to discuss.

How does the summer session count credit hours?

The entirety of the summer session is considered one semester. Credit hours taken in both the eight and four week sessions count towards your total for the session. If eligible, the U-Pass is valid for the entire summer semester.

Can I use the U-PASS for paratransit?

Students who are unable to use fixed route public transportation due to a disability, may be eligible for the Paratransit Service, a shared ride program offered by the Regional Transit Authority (RTA). Please contact the UIC Disability Resource Center for more information.

Should I throw away my pass at the end of the semester or if I take a semester off?

You should not discard your U-Pass until it has reached its expiration date. Students who discard, including students who leave the university for a period of time, will be assessed the $50 lost card fee.

How did I get a negative account balance?

Use of your pass during periods when you are not eligible or the pass is not active may result in a negative balance. Double tapping the card or using the card to provide a ride for a guest may also result in a negative balance. Please contact the CTA for any issues related to negative balances.

I'm a transfer student from another school with U-Pass. Can I transfer the card?

While this is technically feasible, it can be difficult if you don't contact the ID Center well in advance of the start of a semester. We see you as a new student and order a pass, so it's likely that you have a new pass. If you'd like to attempt to transfer your pass, contact us at upass@uic.edu at least four weeks prior to the start of a semester.

Why was my U-Pass confiscated?

The U-Pass is only for your use. CTA reserves the right to confiscate passes used by anyone other than the rightful owner. In the case your card is confiscated, you may be banned by the CTA from eligibility for up to one year. During this time, you will continue to pay the CTA Transportation Fee.