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Troubleshoot U-Pass

Troubleshooting Issues with your U-Pass

The ID Center is always happy to help troubleshoot issues with your U-Pass. You can call (312-413-5940), email (, or visit our office in Student Center East (SCE). If you'd like to troubleshoot the issue yourself, we recommend the following steps:

Check your student account via Check that you have been assessed the CTA Transportation Fee for this semester. If you have been assessed the fee, but within the past 3 business days, your pass may still be in the waiting period for activation. If you have not been assessed the fee, you may not currently be registered as a student with 6+ credit hours. Be mindful of the above-listed waiting periods if you've registered after the deadline.

Check your current registration via To be eligible, students must be officially registered for the number of credit hours listed below. Intent to register or registration issues due to holds or class availability are not considered officially registered.

  • Undergraduate students - 6 credit hours, 6 summer
  • Students in the Graduate College and School of Public Health - 6 credit hours, 6 summer
  • Students in the College of Pharmacy, College of Dentistry, Doctorate of Physical Therapy, and College of Medicine that are assessed student fees - 6 credit hours, 6 summer
  • Students in some fee-paying special programs.

If you have a new U-Pass (for the first time or as a replacement), activate your U-Pass. Call 877-450-5328. Have your UIN, U-Pass card number, and expiration date ready before calling.

Check for a negative balance. Visit After logging in with your card's serial number and expiration date, you can check that your card has a balance of $0.00 or greater. If the balance on the card is negative, add funds to bring the balance to $0.00 or greater. If you believe the balance is incorrect, contact the CTA via the number on the back of your card. Unfortunately, the ID Center cannot provide any assistance related to negative balances.

Although this is more rare, determine if your card is physically defective. Does the Ventra system on a bus or train respond when tapping your card? If there is an issue with your account, you should see a red light or stop message. If there is no response, you may have a physically defective card. If you believe the card is defective, visit the Ventra service center at 567 W. Lake St.

If none of the above steps assists in determining why your U-Pass is not functioning as expected, contact the ID Center at Please provide your UIN and any pertinent information. For emails sent before 5:00 PM, we will respond by the end of the next business day.