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Identification Cards FAQ

Identification Cards FAQ

Is there a fee for a new i-card?

The first card is free for students‚ faculty‚ and staff. Identification cards for visitors and other affiliates may have an associated fee. If this card is lost‚ stolen‚ destroyed‚ broken‚ or damaged the replacement fee is $20.

What do I do if I lose the i-card?

Call the ID Center directly at 312-413-5940. We will deactivate your ID. You may need to contact other departments if you have obtained other options or services on the i-card. Please take note: we cannot reactivate an ID that has been reported lost or stolen. Your old card will no longer be valid.

Why is the replacement fee $20?

The fee includes the deactivation process as well as the cost of maintaining equipment in the ID Centers and providing proper staffing to meet customer needs.

Is the fee waived for a stolen ID with a police report?

Yes‚ the $20 replacement fee will be waived for a stolen card when a UIC Police report is brought in.

Do I need my schedule or contract if I need to replace a lost or stolen i-card?

Depending on your status‚ you may need additional documentation. Contact the ID Center at (312) 413-5940 if you want to check before visiting us. All patrons will need a form of photo identification. For accepted forms‚ see “Getting an ID

If I lost all my identification along with my i-card‚ can I still obtain a replacement card?

Yes‚ but you will have to keep the same picture from the previous card. You may need a current schedule‚ contract‚ or letter from your department as well as the $20.00 replacement fee.

My i-card is broken/cracked because of repeated use for parking‚ building access‚ or meal plan. Do I have to pay the $20 replacement fee?

The $20 replacement fee still holds for broken or damaged cards. If your ID is more than 1 year old and shows definite signs of usage from services and not intentional damage such as punched holes or sun warping‚ ID Center staff may waive the fee.

I am staff‚ but I also take classes‚ do I need to get a second ID?

One university ID is issued per person. If you are a full-time staff (receiving benefits)‚ you will receive a faculty/staff i-card. If you are a student who pays tuition and student fees and you work for the university‚ then you will receive a student i-card.

My Special User or Visitor card has expired‚ can I extend the expiration date?

If your Special User or Visitor card has expired and you will be with the university for an extended length of time‚ you will need to turn in your expired Special User card and a new department letter or Special User form updating the expiration date.

If I have a change of status‚ do I need to get a new ID?

Yes. If you are‚ for example‚ changing your status from extra help to faculty/staff‚ you need to turn in your old i-card. There is no fee for a change of status replacement when the old card is turned in. The ID Center cannot issue a new ID until your status has been updated in Banner.

If my name has changed‚ will I have to pay for a new i-card?

No. You will need to change your name with the proper department: Department of Human Resources contact person for employees and Records and Registration for students. You will also need to turn in your old i-card.