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Visitor Cards

Visitor Cards may be issued to all University affiliates who are not current students or paid by the University as Faculty‚ Staff‚ or Hospital Residents. The exception to this is the Extra Help category of employee‚ who receives the Extra Help card.

Visitor Cards may be issued for a myriad of reasons. Some examples include a department who may have a Visiting Scholar on campus for a few months who needs to gain access to the Library‚ a department may need a contractor to have access to a building via card swipe‚ or a summer program that includes patrons who are not University students or staff. All Visitor Cards are requested using the Visitor Card form and are approved by their department head or designee.

Please note that Visitor Cards have no inherent privileges. The card has the ability to be utilized in nearly every campus system. Please discuss your individual needs with the department providing the specific service. For example‚ the UIC Library would need to approve and provide access for your visitor in order for them to be able to use Library services. The ID Center cannot provide access to any campus resource purely based on the request and issuance of a Visitor Card.

In order to prevent misuse‚ we do not distribute the Visitor Form via our website. Please contact us at for more information or to request a Visitor Form.