Using Dragon Dollar$ and Flames Fare

For information on where Flames Fare can be used, visit:

ID Center partners with Campus Dining Services to bring you convenient payment options to eat on campus. Additionally, you can use Dragon$ to pay for on-campus printing once you have exhausted your semester printing quota.

Dragon Dollar$ are accepted at the following eateries and also for orders placed via Grubhub Campus or Starship where available:

  • Student Center East
  • Student Center West
  • James Stukel Towers
  • Behavioral Sciences Building
  • Additional Locations

Student Center East

  • East Café
  • Halsted Street Station
  • Sbarros
  • Subway
  • Burrito Bravo
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Argo Tea
  • Panda Express
  • Chick-Fil-A

Student Center West

  • Freshii
  • Marketplace
  • Union Station
  • Subway

James Stukel Towers

JST Dining Hall

Behavioral Sciences Building

  • Au Bon Pain
  • Morgan Street Station

Additional Locations


  • Sbarros (On the Mall)
  • Frank ‘n’ Fries (On the Mall)
  • Port Center Café (UH)
  • Tropical Smoothie Café(SRF)
  • Daley Grind (Daley Library)
  • OCC Au Bon Pain